A smart access control

Salon software with access control built Exclusively for Salons

Monitor every in & out with salon software

Maintain complete control over your salon services, primarily if it’s located in a vast area like a hotel or resort. 

Salon software with entry control system for salons
Effortlessly control your salon
Salon Software with Door Access

Granting you complete access control, no matter where you are. Easily tailor specific access levels within your facility while gaining invaluable insights to optimize your operations.

Easy staff monitoring

Free yourself from the burden of manually monitoring your staff’s daily activities. Embrace complete automation for effortless management, providing ease to your staff and yourself.

Salon software with staff management and automation
Reduce management burden of your salon team
Salon software client customer testimonial

Since 2022, we have partnered with Wellyx, setting up our flourishing salon business. Wellyx has been instrumental in our growth and success throughout the journey. Even during challenging times, the Wellyx team remains dedicated to delivering top-notch customer service through their account managers and customer success managers. Their collaborative approach has allowed us to keep our business thriving and at its best. We are truly grateful to the entire Wellyx team for their support and commitment to our success. Thank you all! 🙂

Ava Anderson


Frequently Asked Questions

An access control system is essential for safety, security, and customer experience. salon software supports access control by restricting certain areas, monitoring entry/exit, and creating a professional environment.

Yes, salon software provides access control hardware. It can seamlessly integrate with various door systems, including strike locks or turnstiles you may already have in place.

Salon software supports access authorization through mobile app, Bluetooth accessibility, fobs, or NFC cards, allowing staff and clients to choose the best method.

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