Inventory management made easy

Salon software with inventory management built Exclusively for Salons

Never lose track of your inventory

Experience the benefits of our centralized platform, allowing you to efficiently group and oversee all your products. Ensure easy tracking and eliminate the risk of inventory shortage.


Salon software with inventory tracking
Control, track, and prosper
Salon software for inventory management with POS
Sync & stock your salon success

Online integration with POS

Effectively manage stock levels and synchronize inventory across platforms and locations with our salon software. Integrate inventory management with POS to fully automate your inventory processes.

Salon software for Inventory Management for Your Salon

Enhance your inventory intelligence and make informed decisions using real-time data. Gain valuable insights to optimize inventory management and improve your overall decision-making process.

Easy order management

Utilize a centralized platform to manage salon suppliers and their information, fostering stronger connections and efficient inventory management. Easily access supplier details, track orders, and streamline communication.

Salon software for managing inventory and supplies
Suppliers at your fingertips
Salon software to manage data of multiple salon branches at single screen
One screen to rule them all

Manage everything from the luxury of single screen

Effortlessly reallocate salon inventory from a single screen for every branch. Efficiently manage, monitor, and update inventory across multiple salon locations with complete ease.

Wellyx salon software client feedback testimonial

I am extremely pleased with Wellyx Salon. The platform functions seamlessly, and their customer service is readily available whenever I need assistance. Not to mention, our clients love using it. I would like to extend my gratitude to James Solomon, who has been instrumental in guiding us through implementing our Marketing Tools. His expertise and dedication have been outstanding, significantly boosting our revenue.

Olivia Mitchell

Operations Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Salon software’s inventory management provides a comprehensive solution for all your inventory needs. It helps you streamline processes, monitor low stock levels, and synchronize inventory across different platforms and locations.

Yes, Wellyx Salon software efficiently manages inventory across multiple locations, ensuring a synchronized view of inventory levels and reordering requirements. It can integrate seamlessly with your POS system for streamlined inventory management.

Salon software simplifies tracking deliveries and invoices by allowing you to create and approve purchase orders. It provides complete visibility and traceability of every purchase, from delivery to sale.

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