Easy conversion with effective lead management

Salon software with lead management built Exclusively for Salons

Easily engage with all leads via salon software

Craft and execute personalized communication strategies to enhance engagement through app notifications, SMS, WhatsApp messages, and emails.

Salon software to enhance management
Establish meaningful connections
Wellyx salon software for lead management
Optimize, organize, convert

Get relevant and hot leads

Achieve optimization with lead management feature of salon software; create forms, organize data, and target marketing campaigns effectively to get all the relevant leads you need. 

Salon software for Sales Lead Management

Achieve automatic conversions with user-friendly lead management feature of salon software. Simplify lead management and utilize powerful tools to convert every lead.

Monitor and get detailed insights

Allocate leads to campaigns, access detailed performance reports for your salon, improve strategies, and achieve growth effortlessly.

Salon software for generating performance report
Rise above, thrive beyond, and succeed
Salon software with marketing feature and automation
Tailored salon campaigns, instant impact

Automated marketing all the way

Capture your prospects’ attention with highly personalized marketing campaigns that take just minutes to create and launch using the salon software. 

Salon software client customer testimonial

Since 2022, we have partnered with Wellyx, setting up our flourishing salon business. Wellyx has been instrumental in our growth and success throughout the journey. Even during challenging times, the Wellyx team remains dedicated to delivering top-notch customer service through their account managers and customer success managers. Their collaborative approach has allowed us to keep our salon thriving and at its best. We are truly grateful to the entire Wellyx team for their support and commitment to our success. Thank you all! 🙂

Ava Anderson


Frequently Asked Questions

Salon software’s lead management feature provides a sales funnel and customizable metrics tailored for the beauty, wellness, and fitness industries. It helps you track your sales team’s performance and conversion rates effectively.

Salon software captures leads from various sources, such as your website, mobile app, and widget, organizing them in your sales pipeline. Yes, you can easily communicate with leads through SMS or email and set up automated follow-up notifications.

Salon software streamlines the lead-to-customer conversion process. You can convert leads into customers seamlessly with just one click and track every aspect of your sales cycle to make informed decisions.

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