Endless possibilities to win your clients over

Salon software with customized packages builtExclusively for Salons

Create unlimited customized packages with salon software

Offer your salon customers an exceptional experience by creating unlimited customized packages with various payment options. Prioritizing user experience will ensure lasting satisfaction and loyalty.

Salon software for memberships and packages
Tailored packages, lasting satisfaction, maximize sales
Wellyx salon software for management
Simplify salon management effortlessly

Management is easy now

Relieve yourself from the burden of managing packages and monitoring customer activities and payments with our salon software.

Wellyx salon software for management with dashboard

Maximize customer satisfaction and revenue with user-friendly dashboard of salon software. Create tailored packages, automate recurring payments, and easily monitor all aspects of your salon.

Packages–specific to your client's requirement

Delight your clients with a seamless salon experience. Embrace our versatile packages, offering standardized bundles and fully customizable options tailored to each individual’s preferences. 

Wellyx salon software packages
Craft your dream salon packages
Wellyx salon software self service
Empower, captivate, and thrive

Give your clients the freedom to choose

Amplify customer satisfaction and reduce administrative workload with Wellyx Salon’s self-service feature. Empower your clients to manage their accounts freely, from updating personal details to booking appointments.

Salon software feedback
Exceptional platform and service! Like any other platform, we encountered occasional technical issues throughout the year, but nothing too concerning. I want to express my deep appreciation to Rebecca, our dedicated Customer Success manager, who provided exceptional support throughout. Her assistance was invaluable, and I honestly don’t know what we would have done without her. Thank you, Wellyx Salon, for everything!

Emily Thompson


Frequently Asked Questions

With our salon software, you can craft personalized packages and memberships for your clients. You can also offer them flexible payment options, such as upfront or recurring payments, to cater to their preferences.

Absolutely! With Wellyx Salon software, you can edit and add services to memberships and packages based on your client’s specific requirements.

Our salon software provides an intuitive dashboard and real-time data analytics to track the usage of memberships and packages. Yes, you can cancel a membership or package anytime, based on your salon’s policies.

Yes, clients can book recurring appointments through salon software. The flexible scheduling options allow clients to set up recurring appointments based on their preferences and availability.

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