Grow your customer base, scale your sales

Salon software with waitlist management built Exclusively for Salons

Enable waitlist when needed

Maximize your capacity to meet customer demands and achieve revenue targets. Expand your capabilities by enabling a waitlist to ensure excellent customer value.

Salon software for waitlist management for salons
Meet demand, exceed goals
Salon software for Customer satisfaction with salon waitlist feature
Seize every sales opportunity

Never lose a single customer

With proper optimization of the waitlist, you can attend to every customer, and the chances of losing a single customer become nill, consequently increasing the revenue. 

salon software waitlist management dashboard

Eliminate unwanted cancellations and boost revenue by integrating a waitlist into your salon. Effortlessly accommodate your large customer base, ensuring you get all the potential customers.

Charge them automatically

Streamline your waitlist process by automatically booking and charging customers based on predefined criteria. Send automated booking notifications to maintain a well-organized and efficiently managed schedule.

Wellyx salon software with Automatically booking with salon waitlist and payment processing
Autopilot salon bookings & billing
Salon software with automated and personalised notifications
Engage, inform, and satisfy waiting clients

Keep your waitlist customer in the loop

Keep your waiting salon customers engaged with automated notifications, informing them about their status and available openings—Personalize notifications to achieve maximum customer satisfaction while they wait patiently.

Salon software feedback
Exceptional platform and service! Like any other platform, we encountered occasional technical issues throughout the year, but nothing too concerning. I want to express my deep appreciation to Rebecca, our dedicated Customer Success manager, who provided exceptional support throughout. Her assistance was invaluable, and I honestly don’t know what we would have done without her. Thank you, Wellyx Salon, for everything!

Emily Thompson


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