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Easy appointment scheduling

Make booking appointments easier for your clients using our user-friendly barbershop scheduling software. It not only simplifies scheduling but also improves the overall experience for clients.

  • An intuitive system for easy appointment booking.
  • Tailor your services to fit your client’s needs.
  • Simplify the process for both clients and staff.
  • Keep clients informed with appointment reminders.

Client records and profile management

Keep detailed records of your clients, ensuring personalized services and building strong client relationships. Our barber shop management software allows you to collect and store data securely.

  • Store essential client information securely.
  • Use client data to offer tailored experiences.
  • Access the client’s appointment history with ease.
  • Safeguard client data with robust security measures.

Get on top of your inventory management

Wellyx’s barbershop inventory software enables you to efficiently manage your barbershop’s inventory to ensure you always have the right products and tools on hand.

  • Monitor inventory levels in real time.
  • Get notified when stock is running low.
  • Avoid overstocking and reduce wastage.
  • Keep your barbershop running seamlessly.

Ensure quick and secure barbershop transactions

Do you want to enhance your barbershop’s payment process with an efficient point-of-sale system that ensures quick and secure transactions? Wellyx’s POS system for barbershop is all that you need.

  • Speed up payments and reduce errors.
  • Seamlessly connect to popular gateways, including PayTabs, GoCardless, and Stripe.
  • Offer various payment methods for client convenience.
  • Maintain an organized inventory for smooth operations.
Barbershop Software

Boost customer engagement and satisfaction leveraging Wellyx’s software for barbershop

Make your barbershop marketing and promotion fruitful

Attract more clients and keep them coming back with Wellyx’s advanced barbershop software with marketing automation. Engage more to maximize your sales and thrive in the market.

  • Create marketing campaigns to attract your ideal clients.
  • Implement loyalty programs to reward and retain clients.
  • Monitor campaign performance and adjust strategies.
  • Offer special deals and discounts to boost client loyalty.

Client loyalty programs for a higher retention rate

Retain clients and keep them coming back with our customized loyalty programs designed for barbershops. For that purpose, Wellyx’s barbershop software with a loyalty program feature is the best choice as it benefits barbershop owners in a number of ways.

  • Enables you to reward clients for returning, boosting loyalty.
  • You can now offer tailored incentives for a personalized experience.
  • Monitor program performance and refine strategies.
  • Increase client lifetime value with effective loyalty programs.

Personalized promos for elevated customer experiences

Boost your barbershop’s sales with customized promo codes, enticing clients to visit more frequently and spend more. Using Wellyx’s barbershop promo code software, you can create whatever kind of promos you want, from item and category level to sales level and BOGO.

  • Create unique offers tailored to specific promotions and events.
  • Personalized discounts improve client loyalty and encourage repeat visits.
  • Monitor the performance of each promo code for data-driven decision-making.
  • Tailor promo codes to different client groups for highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Make gifting easier for your clients

Make your gift card management and sales in your barbershop easier, providing a convenient way for clients to share the joy of your services. Our barbershop management software enables you to do so in an elegant way.

  • Efficiently create, sell, and redeem gift cards.
  • Offer a straightforward way for clients to treat their loved ones.
  • Gift cards act like pre-sold services, ensuring future visits.
  • Monitor gift card usage to maximize their potential.
Barbershop Software System in US

Managing Walk-In customers with ease

Let’s simplify the walk-in process with our barbershop software, ensuring an organized and efficient approach for both clients and staff.

  • Maintain a digital queue to manage walk-in clients.
  • Keep clients informed about waiting times.
  • Ensure your barbers are available to serve walk-in clients.
  • Minimize waiting times and boost satisfaction.

Get customized mobile app for barbershops

Engage with clients on the go with our branded barber software app, offering convenience and connectivity. Wellyx’s customized mobile apps for barbershop can be a great tool for your brand to get maximum exposure and maximize your recognition in the market. 

  • Allow clients to book appointments, receive updates, and interact with your barbershop via their smartphones.
  • Enhance client experiences with a convenient mobile app that keeps them informed and engaged.
  • Provide round-the-clock access to your services, boosting client retention.
  • Send personalized notifications and offers.

Controlled access to your facility

Do you often face issues like unauthorized people entering restricted areas of your barbershop? Now, you can protect your barbershop, client data, and valuable supplies with an advanced barbershop access control systems by Wellyx.

  • Define staff access permissions to maintain security.
  • Safeguard sensitive client information with robust privacy features.
  • Prevent unauthorized access, ensuring client data and supplies are protected.
  • Show your commitment to security and privacy.

Advance your facility rental practices

Optimize your barbershop’s revenue by renting out extra space for events or meetings. Our facility rental software for barbershop simplifies the process.

  • Keep track of bookings, schedules, and payments to prevent double bookings and confusion.
  • Generate extra income by renting out available space.
  • Ensure privacy and security through controlled access to your barbershop’s rented spaces.
  • Make the most of your available areas, increasing your revenue and business opportunities.

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