Redefine customer experience wth salon software

A seamless customer experience Exclusively for Salons

Easy access, delighted customer

Accessing the vicinity for your customers will be easier than ever with Wellyx Salon software. Ease and convenience are the factors that lead to happy and delighted customers. 

Salon software for improving customer experience and offering client retention
Waiting Lists - icon

Waiting Lists

Never miss an available spot with our automated system that notifies customers promptly.

Express Bookings - icon

Express Bookings

Easily secure preferred appointments, offering customers a hassle-free reservation experience.

Split Payments - icon

Split Payments

Offer flexible payment options with split payments for your client's convenience.

Multiple Payment Methods - icon

Multiple Payment Methods

Provide your customers with complete ease through flexible payment options across numerous channels.

Easy Reschedule Options - icon

Easy Reschedule Options

Easily reschedule bookings through customers' online profiles.

Branded Apps - icon

Branded Apps

Fulfill your unique needs with a customized mobile application.

Member Specific Offers - icon

Specific Offers

Tailor-specific offers for your customers, including special treatment and customized services.

Automatic Refunds - icon

Automatic Refunds

Demonstrate dedication to exceptional customer service by simplifying the refund process.

Partial Payments - icon

Partial Payments

Offer added convenience to your customers with instalment payments.

Wellyx salon software for selling services and booking appointments

Give them personalized services for a better experience

Efficiently manage diverse salon services, including extra services, VIP treatments, bookings, and products, on one platform for easy operations.


Online Widget Bookings

Enhance user experience with an online booking website widget.


App Based Purchases

Offer seamless convenience, allowing direct mobile phone payments.


Family & Friends

Streamline payments by connecting multiple payment methods for family and friends.

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