Go digital in every aspect

Salon software with digital forms builtExclusively for Salons

Get unlimited customizations

Achieve unlimited customization with forms and waivers for the salon, allowing you to modify background and text colors, apply field validations, and preview forms in real-time as you create them.
Salon software with forms and waivers for salon business
Customize forms your way
Salon software for accessing digital forms and waivers
Swift access to customer information

Get all the data you need

After a lead or customer completes a digital form, you will promptly access their submission within their profile. Additionally, you can enable customers to view and review their completed forms.
Salon software for collecting customer data and giving support

Salon waiver forms are the perfect digital solutions for exceptional customer care and to collect diverse data swiftly using customizable templates tailored to your needs.

Pre-designed digital forms

Access various pre-designed salon waiver forms tailored to meet your unique business process requirements. From client intake to service history, we have all the forms you need for exceptional customer service.
Salon software to access pre-designed digital forms
Ready-to-use custom business forms
Salon software to save cost and go paperless
Save the planet, go paperless

Go digital and save cost

Make a green choice by going digital, showcasing your environmental commitment. Experience cost-saving and enjoy the ease of streamlined and well-ordered data collection.
Wellyx salon client testimonial feedback
At our Salon, we utilize the Wellyx Salon branded app, which has proven to be an outstanding product. Our customers commend its user-friendly interface, making navigation and booking effortless! Rebecca, who provides us with dedicated support from Wellyx Salon, is truly fantastic. Her responsiveness and helpfulness have been invaluable to us. We highly recommend Wellyx Salon as a superior hair and nail salon business.

Jessica Owens


Frequently Asked Questions

Salon software’s digital forms allow you to create forms and waivers for spa treatments and products, automating workflows and simplifying the process of gathering and organizing client information, thus saving time and effort.

Absolutely! Wellyx Salon software’s digital forms can collect valuable client feedback and reviews. You can create custom forms quickly and even set up event-based forms for specific products & services.

Yes, the digital forms provided by salon software are mobile-friendly, ensuring ease of use for clients accessing them on any device. This enhances their overall experience in completing necessary documentation.

Wellyx Salon software offers user-friendly tools to help you manage and maintain your client records. You can easily search, filter, and export data as required, ensuring easy access and management of the information gathered through digital forms.

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