Grow more in revenue

Salon software with gift cards management built Exclusively for Salons

Unlimited customization for the win

Easily add images, prices, and personalized messages the way you want. Your customers will appreciate the personal touch, and you can do it all easily!

Salon software for customization to services and customer data
Create digital gift cards your way
Salon software to generate gift card numbers for salon clients
No more physical cards

AI integration for complete automation

Wellyx Salon software harnesses AI technology to generate unique and secure gift card numbers, ensuring efficiency and eliminating the risk of duplication.

Salon software for ift Card Tracking

Make purchases simpler with captivating salon software's gift cards feature while AI-generated numbers enhance security. Take control of selling limits and customizable activation and expiry dates for a seamless experience.

Build your brand’s authenticity

Leverage personalized templates to impress customers and sell gift cards online. Encourage loyal clients to purchase for others, elevating your brand’s value and reputation.

Salon software for selling gift cards online
Gift cards that impress and convert
Salon software for gift card management and managing salon
Track gift card activity

Easily track and stay informed

Effortlessly monitor gift card usage, balances, and transaction history with our highly effective salon software, ensuring efficient management for your business.

Wellyx salon client testimonial feedback
At our Salon, we utilize the Wellyx Salon branded app, which has proven to be an outstanding product. Our customers commend its user-friendly interface, making navigation and booking effortless! Rebecca, who provides us with dedicated support from Wellyx Salon, is truly fantastic. Her responsiveness and helpfulness have been invaluable to us. We highly recommend Wellyx Salon as a superior hair and nail salon business.

Jessica Owens


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Wellyx Salon software supports e-gift cards, allowing you to generate and send them to recipients via email easily. This ensures a convenient and instant gifting experience for your clients and their loved ones.

Certainly! Salon software offers a secure and user-friendly online platform for clients to purchase gift cards directly through your website or a dedicated gift card page integrated with the software.

Yes, salon software provides diverse gift card designs and themes. Buyers can choose from pre-designed templates, a theme that aligns with their preferences, or the occasion from the online widgets and mobile app.

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