Personalized booking experience with salon software

Salon software with online bookings built Exclusively for Salons

Integrate ready-made widgets for a better experience

Improve your website experience with the help of our salon booking software’s widget that easily integrates with your website. It will improve the overall experience of your customers visiting your website and will be easy for your clients to book from there.
Salon software with automated bookings and scheduling for appointments
Widgetize to win hearts and gain trust
salon software with ease of access booking and scheduling
Salon bliss starts with a click

Utilize page builder to drive more conversions

Salon booking software provides an in-built page builder option that you can use to make a simple yet effective page that can attract more clients and ultimately allow you to get more conversions. The more specific you are, the more qualified leads you get, and we make it easy for you to be specific.
Salon software with payment processing and dynamic dashboard

An online salon booking system that works perfectly is the only effective way to increase conversions, as online booking requires the best experience with ease of navigation. With salon booking software, you can create customer journeys, integrate marketing tools, and allow easy payments all in one software.

Get more productive, with salon software

Your every customer is a VIP, and they deserve the best experience of all time, so you can increase your retention rate as well. Salon software with online booking lets you create such experiences while allowing you to manage it all from a single screen.
Salon software with seamless online booking
No more unbooked slots
Salon software with analytics and reports
Dazzle with data-driven decisions

Salon appointment booking system for ultimate convenience

Salon appointment booking software makes your life easy as it allows you to track booking metrics, insights, and analytics. With an easy provision of all this information, you can make more informed decisions and make it easy for your business to grow immensely.
Wellyx salon client testimonial feedback

At our Salon, we utilize the Wellyx branded app, which has proven to be an outstanding product. Our customers commend its user-friendly interface, making navigation and booking effortless! Rebecca, who provides us with dedicated support from Wellyx, is truly fantastic. Her responsiveness and helpfulness have been invaluable to us. We highly recommend Wellyx Salon as a superior hair and nail salon business.

Jessica Owens


Frequently Asked Questions

Salon software’s online booking feature provides a convenient one-stop shop for managing shifts, appointments scheduling, and services from a single location. It streamlines appointment scheduling, reduces no-shows, and saves time.

Yes, clients can easily reschedule or cancel their appointments through salon software’s online booking feature. You can set up cancellation and rescheduling policies to provide flexibility to clients.

Salon software’s online booking feature lets you communicate with clients. You can use the client portal to provide branded tools that allow clients to make bookings and payments and view their profile history.

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