Loyalty programs for ultimate growth

Salon software with loyalty program built Exclusively for Salons

Loyalty programs make them delighted

Delight loyal salon customers with personalized offers, exclusive discounts, and VIP access, enhancing their experience.

Salon software to give clients special discount
Reward your clients for their loyalty
Salon software with referral program feature
Grow together, earn together

Give them rewards for referrals with salon software

Engage customers with salon software’s reward program feature, rewarding loyalty points for bringing in new clients. Encourage them to spread the word and earn more rewards!

Salon software with customized Salon Reward Program

Create a customized loyalty program tailored to your salon's needs. Incentivize referrals, track rewards, and gain insights through intuitive dashboards and reports. With salon software, keep customers coming back for more!

Keep a record of all the data with salon software

Monitor and access customers’ reward points and history effortlessly with our salon software to boost awareness of their achievements and maintain their engagement with your salon.

Salon software to manage and record all client data
Effortless reward points and redemption tracking
Salon software to offer clients with special rewards through POS and online store
Ensure retention with free rewards

Offer free rewards to high retention

Enable customers to earn free rewards with every visit and easily redeem them through the branded app, online store, and POS for enticing discounts. 

Salon software client customer testimonial

Since 2022, we have partnered with Wellyx, setting up our flourishing salon business. Wellyx has been instrumental in our growth and success throughout the journey. Even during challenging times, the Wellyx team remains dedicated to delivering top-notch customer service through their account managers and customer success managers. Their collaborative approach has allowed us to keep our salon thriving and at its best. We are truly grateful to the entire Wellyx Salon team for their support and commitment to our success. Thank you all! 🙂

Ava Anderson


Frequently Asked Questions

Salon software’s loyalty program feature enables you to reward your clients for their continued patronage, incentivizing them to remain loyal to your salon. It helps in building long-lasting relationships with customers and fosters repeat business.

Yes, salon software’s points-based loyalty system allows your clients to redeem their earned loyalty points for various rewards, such as booking appointments, accessing exclusive services, or purchasing salon products.

Absolutely! Salon software’s loyalty program feature is highly customizable. You can tailor the rewards to align with your salon’s specific offerings and your client’s preferences, ensuring a personalized and rewarding experience.

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