Build trust with promo codes

Salon software with promo codes built Exclusively for Salons

Create item-level promo codes with salon software

Effortlessly generate item-level promotions using our salon software, providing exclusive deals on selected merchandise, memberships, and sessions to encourage additional purchases.

Salon software for selling items using promo codes feature
Maximize salon revenue with strategic item-level offers
Salon software for providing discount on salon services
Drive salon success with tailored discounts!

Sale-level promo codes

Implement site-wide discounts, percentage off on all purchases, or fixed-amount discounts effortlessly with our salon software. Enjoy the flexibility to set up various promotional offers that suit your salon needs.

Wellyx salon software with Dynamic Promo Codes for Your Salon

Generate various promo codes to boost conversions with salon software, including sale or item-level discounts. Create exciting Buy-One-Get-One (BOGO) offers to enhance your sales significantly. Salon software by Wellyx makes it easy to implement these enticing promotions for your business's success.

Buy one, get one promo codes

Foster community and attract new customers by rewarding referrals and purchases with extra services and enticing perks. Encourage word-of-mouth marketing and build a loyal customer base with our attractive incentives.

Salon software to attract more new clients and boost salon business
Offer incentives to ignite customer loyalty
Wellyx salon software to help achieve maximum conversions of clients
Seize opportunities, secure conversions

A winning strategy always

Never miss out on potential customers and achieve maximum conversions with the unique and practical strategy of using promo codes at the right time. Wellyx Salon software excels in helping you implement this strategy effectively.

Salon software feedback

Exceptional platform and service! Like any other platform, we encountered occasional technical issues throughout the year, but nothing too concerning. I want to express my deep appreciation to Rebecca, our dedicated Customer Success manager, who provided exceptional support throughout. Her assistance was invaluable, and I honestly don’t know what we would have done without her. Thank you Wellyx , for everything!

Emily Thompson


Frequently Asked Questions

With salon software, you can create three major promo codes: item level, sales level, and buy one, get one (BOGO). These promo codes help you offer discounts, rewards, and enticing deals to attract and retain clients.

Yes, you can set purchase restrictions while setting up a promo code. Depending on your business objectives, you can limit the promo code redemption to specific clients or transactions, allowing you to maintain control over its usage.

The applicability of your promo code depends on the type you create. A Sale Level promo code will be applicable to the entire cart, while an Item Level promo code will only apply to specific items or services.

No, there are no restrictions on the number of promo codes you can create using salon software. Feel free to generate as many promo codes as needed to run various promotions and marketing campaigns for your salon.

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