More than a salon scheduling software

Salon software with scheduler built Exclusively for Salons

Manage your schedules without confusion

The best thing about the online salon scheduling software is that it showcases all the schedules on one screen, allowing you to manage them easily. With the simple interface, you can easily see upcoming appointments and make preparations accordingly.
Salon software with easy and dynamic scheduler for salon business
Online salon scheduling made simpler
Salon software with automated scheduling
One click work planning

Create schedules with just one click

Create work schedules with a single click using the auto-scheduling feature of salon scheduling software. Simply set up the necessary shifts, and the software will handle the rest automatically.
Wellyx salon software to Manage Bookings and Classes with Salon Software using centralized dashboard

Salon scheduling software works both ways providing convenience to your staff and clients. Your clients can schedule online through widget or custom app and your staff can manage all the appointments within the software to ensure efficient operations.

Easy drag & drop with the salon scheduling app

The whole idea of online salon appointment and scheduling software is to provide you and your clients ease. With salon scheduling software, you can easily rearrange bookings with our convenient drag-and-drop feature. Reschedule or cancel bookings quickly from the convenience of your mobile.
Salon software with Drag-and-drop salon scheduling app feature
Your bookings, your terms
Salon software for appointment scheduling
Appointments made perfectly personal

Freedom to schedule with preferred barber

Scheduling software for salon allows your customers to make appointments with their preferred barbers so they can have the best experience they deserve. The automation that this software provides is a huge plus because it saves a lot of time and restricts your staff from making unwanted scheduling errors.
Salon software feedback

Exceptional platform and service! Like any other platform, we encountered occasional technical issues throughout the year, but nothing too concerning. I want to express my deep appreciation to Rebecca, our dedicated Customer Success manager, who provided exceptional support throughout. Her assistance was invaluable, and I honestly don’t know what we would have done without her. Thank you Wellyx, for everything!

Emily Thompson


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Salon software is cloud-based, enabling you to access and manage your salon’s schedule and booking from any device with an internet connection, providing you the freedom to stay connected on the go.

Yes, salon software includes automated reminder notifications to help reduce no-shows and keep clients informed about their scheduled appointments. This feature enhances customer engagement and ensures timely attendance.

Certainly! Salon software allows you to efficiently track and manage employee schedules, ensuring optimized service allocation based on staff availability and expertise.

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