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Managing multiple enterprises is easy now with salon software

Streamline operations across multiple locations and franchise models with our enterprise software, offering intelligent management capabilities for enhanced efficiency.

Salon software to handle and manage multiple salon locations
Comprehensive Scheduler - icon

Comprehensive Scheduler

Efficiently manage schedules, bookings, and resources with our centralized system, ensuring seamless management.

Track your Inventory - icon

Track Your Inventory

Efficiently handle your inventory requirements, ensuring availability while optimizing resource allocation.

Manage Your Leads & Members - icon

Manage Your Leads

Enhance your lead nurturing strategies with our intuitive system for exceptional relationship management.

Salon software for tracking salon analytics and drive sales

Powerful tracking and monitoring

Utilize robust tracking of key metrics, trend analysis, and data-driven decision-making to optimize salon operations, enhance engagement, and drive overall growth. Empower your business with valuable insights for success.

Waiting Lists – 2 - icon

24/7 Access Control

You need our 24/7 access control system for enhanced security and convenience.

Online Widget Bookings – 1 - icon

Digital Forms & Waivers

Go digital and streamline processes with digital forms and waivers.

App Based Purchases – 1 - icon

Mobile Apps

Elevate engagement and convenience with dedicated mobile applications.

Analytic & Conversion Data - icon

Analytic & Conversion Data

Gain valuable customer behavior insights and accurately assess the impact of your strategies.

Attendance Tracking - icon

Attendance Tracking

Effortlessly monitor attendance, efficiently manage appointments, and streamline check-in processes.


Facility & Asset Rental

Optimize revenue opportunities by streamlining your facility and asset rentals.

GEO Tagging - icon

GEO Tagging

Effectively manage staff locations, streamline task assignments, and boost productivity.

Easy-to-operate Loyalty Program - icon

Easy-to-operate Loyalty Program

Establish a client-centric loyalty program that incentivizes and rewards, fostering lasting customer loyalty.

Google Calendar Integration - icon

Google Calendar Integration

Enable easy coordination and access to salon activities by easily syncing with Google Calendar.

Provide customizations the way you want

Tailor unlimited customizations to suit your salon’s specific needs and preferences. Benefit from flexible plan options that align perfectly with your goals and aspirations.

Salon software with multiple customization options
VIP Salon Icon

VIP Services

Tailor an exclusive VIP service package for your premium customers exactly how you desire.

Classes & Events - icon

Custom Packages

Boost your sales potential with limitless custom packages tailored to your preferences.

Product Management - icon


Simplify product purchasing with our comprehensive solution, elevating your online retail experience.

Salon software with payment acceptance and pos system solution

A holistic POS system

Maximize your salon sales and create a perfect retail experience for your customers and staff member with our valuable point-of-sale tool.

Membership Benefits - icon

Customers Benefits

Elevate customer experience through exclusive benefits effortlessly managed within our software.

Refunds & Tips - icon

Refunds & Tips

Facilitate seamless financial transactions and provide exceptional customer service.

Your Gym, Your Hardware - icon

Your Salon, Your Hardware

Experience device compatibility with your preferred hardware, tailored to meet your needs.

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