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Salon software with marketing automation built Exclusively for Salons

Close more clients with marketing automation

Automate your salon marketing campaigns to reach numerous prospects and manage everything through a single salon software with a user-friendly interface. 

Salon software with automation and marketing
Reach, convert, dominate
Salon software's email marketing templates for beauty salons
Smarter emails for faster results

Build email templates with AI

With the effective integration of AI, you can find multiple built-in email templates and make your own, allowing you to write any text and create any image automatically. 

Salon software marketing feature

Gain a competitive advantage with powerful salon software. Get valuable insights on specific campaigns' open rates, CTR, and total conversions. Elevate your marketing strategies and succeed.

Create customer journeys

Utilize all the platforms, including SMS, WhatsApp, and emails, to create customer journeys and market your services easily and effectively. 

Salon software with sms email marketing for salons
Amplify your salon impact beyond boundaries
Wellyx salon software with reports and clients conversions for salons
Insightful salon reports for informed decisions

Get every information you need

Optimize your salon marketing while analyzing metrics, client feedback, and reports for success. It simplifies your efforts and lets you achieve high conversions. 

Wellyx salon client testimonial feedback

At our Salon, we utilize the Wellyx Salon branded app, which has proven to be an outstanding product. Our customers commend its user-friendly interface, making navigation and booking effortless! Rebecca, who provides us with dedicated support from Wellyx Salon, is truly fantastic. Her responsiveness and helpfulness have been invaluable to us. We highly recommend Wellyx Salon as a superior hair and nail salon business.  

Jessica Owens


Frequently Asked Questions

Salon software offers integrated marketing tools like email, SMS, social media, and referral programs to boost sales and customer engagement. Targeted campaigns, personalized messages, and increased brand visibility are some of the benefits.

Wellyx Salon software’s marketing automation lets you easily market and sell membership & packages, products, and services to potential customers. It tracks campaign effectiveness to help you optimize marketing strategies.

Salon software includes website integration, allowing you to sell spa treatments, sessions, events, and products online. It also offers social media linking to enhance your salon’s online presence and marketing reach.

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