Build a connection with your customers

Marketing toolsExclusively for Salons

Improve your impact with ready-made email templates

Deliver personalized messages, newsletters, and updates that resonate with your customers and foster engagement within your community.

Salon software with email marketing feature
SMS Text - icon

SMS Text

Effortlessly reach your customers' inboxes for effective marketing.

WhatsApp - icon


Boost your retention rate using our WhatsApp marketing tool.

Push Notifications - icon

Push Notifications

Revitalize your sales and retention with our impactful push notifications.

Wellyx salon software to make customized forms for customers

Data capturing made easy

Leverage the power of collected data from customized forms to elevate your marketing efforts and engage your audience effectively. Make the most out of the valuable information at your disposal!

Page Builder - icon

Page Builder

Customize the pages to leave a lasting impact on your customers.

Pop-up Builder - icon

Pop-up Builder

Automate eye-catching pop-ups for easy selling with exclusive deals and offers.

Google & Facebook Integration - icon

Google & Facebook Integration

Integrate social platforms to enhance marketing efforts with actionable insights.

Custom Contact Lists - icon

Custom Contact Lists

Seamlessly integrate contact forms into your website for hassle-free customer sign-ups.

Member Specific Tags - icon

Customer Specific Tags

Create personalized workflows that enhance communication, resulting in higher conversions.

AI Generated Content - icon

AI Generated Content

Utilize AI to create compelling content tailored to your marketing needs.

Custom Contact Lists – 1 - icon

Marketing Insights Dashboard

Effortlessly track and view delivery receipts for smooth and reliable communication.

Member Specific Tags – 1 - icon

Unique Workflows

Optimize client communication and engagement through personalized workflows.

AI Generated Content – 1 - icon

Accelerated Customer Journey

With free trials and quick payment methods, convert them easily.

Engage more to convert more

Improve retention with personalized communication, automated reminders, and tailored promotions. Keep customers coming back!

Salon software with automated reminders and seamless communication
Loyalty Program - icon

Loyalty Program

Incentivize customer loyalty with rewards for repeat visits and purchases.

Promo & Discount Codes - icon

Promo & Discount Codes

Efficiently manage promotional campaigns to drive salon sales effectively.

Retention Tracking - icon

Retention Tracking

Analyze areas that need improvement and apply suitable strategies accordingly.

Salon software with multiple communication challes for marketing and responsiveness

Create powerful marketing campaigns

Optimize your marketing efforts by utilizing multiple communication channels, ensuring your message reaches customers when they are most responsive. 

Trigger-based Communication - icon

Trigger-Based Communication

Automate targeted communication with personalized messages based on triggers.

Precise Delay Control - icon

Precise Delay Control

Configure precise time intervals for efficient communication sequences.

Action Based Split Journeys - icon

Action-Based Split Journeys

Tailor communication journeys based on clients' actions for maximum engagement.

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