Tattoo Studio Software

It’s time to make your tattoo and piercing studio stand out in the market. Get your hands on our state-of-the-art tattoo studio software today!

Membership & packages

Here’s the membership and the packages from tattoo studio software.

Let us start with the flexibility process, where we offer multiple membership layers with tangible packages to cater to diverse customers from monthly, annual, or unlimited packages. With that being said, we offer automated renewals, which simplify the membership process with the best process called the automation process.

A great tattoo studio software provides customization for its users. Hence, there is no need to worry, as we are here to provide you with the perfect customized software that you and your customers can personalize by selecting specific services, durations, or add-ons to fit their needs.

Other than that, we take care of the billing process, as our software is capable of providing easy billing and invoicing tools for customer use. It also manages recurring payments by tracking outstanding debts.

Lead management

Wellyx is here to bring a modern class into their software and your tattoo and piercing business model. We understand the importance of lead management. Therefore, our experts have matched our services with your website, which means you can now connect tattoo studio software with your website or mobile apps.

This approach results in collecting potential information about your company and clients, eliminating the effort of manually assigning a query to put the info into.

Wait, it’s not done yet. We have crafted a masterpiece where you can (whenever) want to see or call the work/business history. It’ll be on your screen within a few mini-seconds. It also analyzes the sources that help generate leads and allocates marketing resources according to your studio’s needs.


Making your brand shine through your window is called marketing. Tell others helps to acknowledge them that you exist. Therefore, our tattoo studio software with AI technology understands how important marketing is.


So, being the strikers in the marketing industry, we bring you to the strategy for collecting tattoos and piecing fans towards your business with multiple marketing ideas. These ideas are regarding your tattoo industry.

Meanwhile, Wellyx is here to introduce

  • Email marketing
  • Social media integration
  • Customer segmentation
  • Performance analytics
  • Promo code management

All of these marketing techniques will ensure your business ad to the people who might be searching for a tattoo and piercing place. Hence, this approach can drive your CTR or book a tattoo appointment online. 


We created a hypothesis on how to make people a customer. Through deep consideration and research, the Wellyx team decided to introduce the best tattoo app for mobile and tablet that will perform all the functions a website performs. But the best part of it is that users can cut off extra time from finding a computer and logging into it.

Instead, the user can now launch your customized tattoo studio software app and schedule tattoo appointment within 2 minutes.

It’s not done yet. Software companies like us think outside of the box, and we know to put multiple payment methods for all users, making the booking as easy as eating a marshmallow.

With a great user-friendly interface, any user can operate it without any problems. Your tattoo studio app also works in offline mode, and users can access all its features saved into the cache memory, like allowing users to check appointments and package details.

Tattoo Studio Software

Access control

Security is the number one rule of our business. Therefore, we have designed your tattoo studio software that relates to your business security in any case. With secure entry systems, these systems have biometric technology, which helps make the entrance only for authorized clients.

It’s not done after just entering your tattoo and piercing studio; our software monitors every move of your customer through our real-time monitoring mechanism. It’s just for your studio’s security purposes.

We strive for the best with our services. Hence, there’s a room for visitors as well. Our software maintains the record of visitors’ access and creates audit trails for security and management purposes.

Online bookings

As mentioned in the above points. Wellyx’s online booking feature is one of the high-priority features. Without it, your internet business is dead. Therefore, It’s essential to make a move with a robust book tattoo appointment online procedure.

Being the pioneers of AI technology and creators of flawless customer relationship management systems, we understand the importance of online bookings. Therefore, Wellyx has introduced some crucial features for tattoo booking online.

  • 24/7 booking
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Availability management
  • Confirmation and reminders
  • Cancellations and rescheduling

All of these are designed for a better online appointment process, making our tattoo studio stand out with the best features in the market.

Inventory tracking

Tattoo and piercing studios contain lots of ink and needles. Therefore, it’s important to take care of the stock, for that, Wellyx tattoo studio software is here to make a difference with its inventory tracking feature.

This feature is famous for maintaining your product’s balance and alerts you when a stock is getting low. For that, we have introduced some points;

  • Product management
  • Reorder alerts
  • Inventory valuation
  • Sales reporting
  • Supplier integration

For more details, contact our customer support for details. We will be pleased to serve you.

Point-of-Sale (POS)

Every business is based on one factor, which is profit in the form of money. Hence, there are ways to make it happen with Wellyx tattoo and piercing studio software. We introduce a point-of-sale system.

It forms a sale process that calculates the sales transactions for your products, services, and packages. As the business creates and supporters, we understand the importance of managing businesses financially.

So, we have introduced payment methods that accept various payment methods and make your customers comfortable for depositing their dues in multiple ways, like from stripe,  credit cards – visa – mastercard- debit card- HSA/FSA, GoCardless – Direct debit and Paytabs.

Tattoo Studio Software By Wellyx

Digital forms

  • Client Information: Collect and store client information digitally, including health history and preferences.
  • Consent Forms: Offer digital consent forms for services, making it easier for clients to provide required authorizations.
  • Customization: Customize digital forms to match your salon’s branding and specific needs.
  • Paperless Workflow: Eliminate paper forms and reduce the administrative burden of data entry.
  • Secure Storage: Safely store and manage digital forms in compliance with data protection regulations.

It’s important to attract customers, but it’s more important to engage customers in your business. For that, we, as the creators of perfect tattoo studio software, we made digital forms for a better way to put their information and eliminated the old paperwork process (extremely time-consuming).

This feature collects and stores client information digitally, which includes health history and preferences, consent forms for services, forms to make your tattoo studio’s branding and specific needs, eliminates paper forms as mentioned above, and reduces the burden on the administrative team. Plus, the most important point is that it manages digital forms in compliance with data protection regulations.

Facility rental

Want to make some more money without doing less work? Sounds exciting. Yes, this is possible if your tattoo studio has extra space, let wellyx utilize it and rent it out to other businesses.

Being a great businessman, you always look for opportunities, and utilizing your extra workspace makes you the one who knows how the business world works. Hence, as the creators of business models and software, we understand how to make it work for your benefit.

Therefore, let Wellyx tattoo studio software make its move, and you can easily earn some more money, which will be added to your financial list along with the history and vice versa. In short, it’ll be added into your software automatically called the “automation process.”

Loyalty program

If a company is not honest with you, it’s never loyal to you. Hence, it’s important to be loyal to the business, which will greatly impact your tattoo studio and boost your revenue from the current times.

Therefore, welly presents to you its loyalty program where you can reward points to your customers for being potential customers and providing more visitors than before.

Video on demand

Wellyx has introduced a brand new feature called the video-on-demand feature. This feature is capable of creating video content for your customers in terms of video form. For instance, if you want to explain anything about your program or work to your customers, you can just put it into a video form, and your customers can see it easily from their branded mobile app.

This will cut off extra time for your support and department, and you will work on more productive things.

Wellyx tattoo studio software understands the importance of your needs. Therefore, stating all of these above points has a point for you to make the smart choice and invest in Wellyx tattoo studio software today for a better tomorrow. For more details and help, contact our support team.

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